Lie to me* “Lack of Candor” 2×06

Ep: Lack of Candor 2×06
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Ship rating: 6/10

Ben Reynolds is a badass. That is all. Just kidding…

While working undercover for a mobster in the past, Reynolds killed a man to keep his true FBI status a secret. Now a witness against the mobster, in protective custody, is gunned down outside his safe house. Lightman and team need to find out who is responsible in order to keep Reynolds alive.

Reynolds admits to killing Scotty and says that his FBI handler, Sheila Redatti, knew about it and put it in the case file. Unfortunately for him, there is no mention of Scotty’s murder in the case file so it looks like not only will Reynolds not be a good witness against Green, but he will also be arrested for the murder of Scotty.

Cal and Gillian determine that Reynolds and Redatti were very close but that Reynolds was not “shagging  his boss” – cue some amusement, and blushing, from Gillian and the cutest exchange of smiles I’ve ever seen! They decide to approach Redatti to get her to admit that she knew about the murder and covered it up.

They are able to clear Reynold’s name, and Cal goes down to the courthouse to speak to him before he appears as a witness.   In a touching scene of Cal and Ben friendship, Cal assures Ben that he didn’t do anything wrong, but that he understands why Ben feels otherwise.  When Ben asks why Cal stuck by him, Cal admits he’s been in similar situations and someone was always there to catch him on his way down.  And when he refers to that someone as ‘she’ we all know who he means :D

Shipworthy scenes:

Cal walks into Gillian’s office where she’s talking w/Ben

Cal:  Get away from the window.
Gillian:  What?
Cal:  Get away from the bloody window.
Ben:  Why?
Gillian:  What’s going on?
Cal:  A sniper just killed Mark McLaughlin while he was in protective custody.
Gillian:  Wait, is he someone from one of our cases?
Cal:  No-no-no-no-no. He was a case Reynolds worked before he came here.
Ben:  Alright, Lightman, don’t say another word, okay?
Cal:  McLaughlin was Reynolds’ running buddy in an assortment of crimes, right?
Ben:  You’re not supposed to know anything about that.
Cal:  You work here. I know everything.
Gillian:  Does somebody wanna fill me in?
Cal:  Reynolds, uh, was undercover for 2 years, trying to dismantle Elliot Green’s organization in New York.
Gillian:  Green, the Wall Street guy?
Cal:  Yup.
Ben:  Yeah. Mobster, killer, extortionist. Mark was the lead witness in the case against Green.
Cal:  Yeah, now he’s dead. Reynolds is next in line to testify. US Attorney’s on his way over. Wants to put you in protective custody.
Ben:  Yeah, and you sound like you have a problem with that.
Cal:  Yeah, I do. They got a spotty track record at best. I mean, would you bet your life that they could keep you safe out there? No, I didn’t think so.
Ben:  Alright, so what do you have in mind?
Cal:  Follow me.

Cal & Gillian team up against US Atty in hallway

US Attorney:  So is that our guy or not?
Cal:  Uh, what can you tell me about the case now McLaughlin’s dead?
US Attorney:  His death is a disaster. I have to restructure my entire approach to the trial, and without Reynolds, I don’t have a case.
Cal:  (to Gillian) Does his voice sound like his face looks?
Gillian:  There was a distinct upturn in his vocal pitch when he mentioned McLaughlin’s death.
Cal:  Did you have him killed?
US Attorney:  That’s absurd! He was our lead witness!
Cal:  Yeah, but he was up meeting with you just before he was murdered, right?
Gillian:  You knew the exact place and time he was being moved.
US Attorney:  Well, of course. I’m an assistant US Attorney for God sake.
Gillian:  And yet you’re happy he’s dead.
Cal:  Alright, it makes sense. Well, he had a rap sheet a mile long, and he only cut a deal with you because you had him by the throat. I mean, if it was me, I’d much prefer a highly decorated FBI agent as a witness.
Gillian:  Did you have Mark McLaughlin killed?
US Attorney:  Are you people on drugs?
Gillian:  Did you have any idea he was about to be murdered.
US Attorney:  Absolutely not.
(Cal and Gillian share a look)
Cal:  Well, that’s the truth.
US Attorney:  Thank you. Now, get back in there with that marshal.
Cal:  No, he’s a puppet. I’m much more interested in the guy who’s pulling the strings.
US Attorney:  What, you want me to get you in front of Elliot Green?
Cal:  Yeah, absolutely. If you want the truth.


Cal:  Hey.
Gillian:  Hey.
Cal:  Is there anything in the case file from Reynolds’ handler?
Gillian:  Uh, Sheila Redatti. Uh, yeah, yeah. She wrote most of it. Uh, the language suggests she’s, uh, intelligent, I mean, meticulous, and, uh, emotionally attached to Reynolds.
Cal:  You think he was shagging his boss?
Gillian:  Well, (she smiles shyly) I can’t confirm that from the case file, but her feelings for him run deep.
Cal:  I wonder if he feels the same way.
Gillian:  What, do you think he’s trying to protect her?
Cal:  Well, he’s protecting someone.

Cal & Gillian reviewing footage with Ben’s handler

(Cal gives Gillian the once over while she’s watching the footage)
Cal:  Well, I don’t think that they’re romantically involved. She cares for him.
Gillian:  Well, she paints a pretty ugly picture with her words. So what did you see?
Cal:  The whole drug thing with Reynolds, does it bother you? Does it unsettle you? Is it, is it flashbacks to your ex-husband?
Gillian:  If, if I’m upset it’s because this just got twice as complicated. I mean, being married to Alec gave me insights into how addicts can lead double lives. Don’t read me. You’re supposed to be reading her.
Cal:  Right.
Gillian:  Mm.
Cal:  Sorry, love. Well, um, that was Alec, this is Reynolds.
Gillian:  Who is refusing to testify in order to protect himself.
Cal:  Well, according to her.
Gillian:  But protect himself from what?
Cal:  I don’t know.
Gillian:  Well, maybe we don’t know Reynolds as well as we thought we did.

Cal & Ben at courthouse

Cal:  (whistles) Oi, convict.
Ben:  (scoffs) How’d you get in here?
Cal:  I’ve got quite a reputation with the guards. They’re terrified of me.
Ben:  (laughs) Yeah, as they should be.
Cal:  You all right?
Ben:  Hey, you know, three hot meals, comfy bed, nothing to do but read and watch TV. You know, being a protective witness is kind of like being on vacation. But I am ready to get back to work though.
Cal:  Yeah, well, not long now, eh?
Ben:  Yeah.
Cal:  You know, officially, you didn’t do anything wrong. How you feel about it, that’s an entirely different matter.
Ben: You know, I keep thinking about Scotty’s son. His name’s Mike. He’s a, he’s about 12 years old now, and, uh, I used to take him to the Nick games sometimes, and he was a good kid. I killed his father.
Cal:  Yeah, you did. Yeah, you did. You made your choice, right?
Ben:  (nods) Why didn’t you just write me off?
Cal:  I’ve been cut loose many times, you know, when the truth was inconvenient, but there’s one person caught me on the way down.
Ben:  That’s a true friend.
Cal:  Yeah. Yeah, she is. (Okay, we all know he’s talking about Gillian!!)
Ben:  Hey, look, um, you know, they pulled me away so fast, I never got a chance to thank you—
Cal:  Oh, shut up. Family doesn’t need to stand on ceremony, alright?

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