Bones “A Boy in a Tree” 1×03

Ep: 1×03 “A Boy in a Tree”
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Ship rating: 8/10

Booth brings Brennan and and Zack to the exclusive Hanover Preparatory School, body has been found hanging from a tree. They retrieve the body and bring it to the lab where they confirm that the body belongs to a teenage boy, most likely a student. Brennan tells Booth that they will be able to identify him from the serial number on his hearing implant.

The victim is Nestor Olivos, a student of the school and the only son of the Venezuelan ambassador. The team finds it odd that Nestor’s hyoid bone is broken, as the hyoid of an adolescent should be flexible and almost unbreakable. While the school’s headmaster and its head of security are adamant that Nestor had committed suicide, Nestor’s mother pleads with Brennan to find the truth. She believes that Nestor had been murdered.

Brennan and Booth find sex tapes of Nestor and a girl, which they discover had led to blackmail. Nestor’s classmates Tucker Pattison and Camden Destry had set up a video camera facing Nestor’s bed. After Tucker used a video recording to blackmail Camden’s mother, he and Camden decided to blackmail Nestor as well. When Tucker and Camden learned that Nestor was going to tell the headmaster of their blackmail attempt, they drugged Nestor and hung him on a tree in order to feign a suicide.

Shipworthy Scenes

Booth calls Brennan his.. Oh, just keep reading. :D

Booth: Gentleman, give my forensic anthropologist some room.
Bones: Your forensic anthropologist?

Brennan and Booth have a phone conversation. (These are never dull.)

Bones: We’ll have the identity of the boy in the tree within the hour.
Booth: That was fast?
Bones: Do you know what a cochlear implant is?
Booth: Hearing Aide?
Bones: Not, not exactly. It’s a much more sophisticated piece of equipment which is surgically fit…
Booth: Can you identify him through the serial number?
Bones: That’s correct but the interesting thing is that…
Booth: Ah, You can fill me in later.
Bones: No, but the interesting thing is that it’s…
Booth: That is correct.
Bones: What?
Booth: That is interesting.
Bones: Are you drunk or something?
Booth: Ah, we’ll catch up later and uh thanks for calling.
Bones: Wait, I’m not completely certain the boys’ death was a suicide.
Booth: Ah, you know, We’ll grab some Chinese food and you can fill me in later on all the boring details.

Aftermath of the phone conversation. I love it when they argue. :)

Booth: What do you mean it’s not a suicide?
(A post leading up the stairs to the podium starts to beep and flash red rapidly.)
Booth:  What the hell is that?
Bones:  We can’t just let anyone step into the forensics area and contaminate all the boring details.
(Zach swipes his card into the post and goes up the stairs towards Bones.)
Booth:  The boring details. (to Zach) Do not push me kid. (to Bones) The boring details was my signal for you to stop talking, okay? I want my own card.
Bones:  Well, I want my own gun.
Booth: Last time you had a gun you shot someone.
Zach:  He was a bad guy.
Booth:  Okay look, who’s our victim?
(The three of them step over to the body.)
Bones:  All the boring details?
Booth:  Let it go Bones move on.
Bones:  Don’t call me Bones.
Zach:  We traced the Cochlear implant to Dr. Maurice Ledbetter at Cedars Sinai who placed it in a boy, Nester Olivos.
(Booth looks at some papers stapled together.)
Booth:  Nester Olivos, Student visa…son of a Venezuelan ambassador…Oh, What else?
(Booth picks up the x-ray and looks at it.)
Bones: You want all the boring details?
Booth:  Let it go Bones.
Bones: (snatches the x-ray out of his hands.) Don’t call me Bones.

Another argument? You all know it’s that pent up sexual frustration!
Booth:  Thank you.
Bones:  For what?
Booth:  For going with my instincts in there.
Bones:  I did not back up your instincts.  I bought time to find the facts I need to tell me what happened to Nester Olivos.  What’s with you and the private school?
Booth:  I thought we understood each other.
Bones:  Oh that it’s bad?
Booth:  I don’t…I don’t like people who think they’re better then other people.
Bones:  Some people are better then other people.
Booth: Uh, you know what you said right there that is so un-American.  All men are created equal either you believe that or you don’t.
Bones:  Some people are smarter then others there’s no use being offended by the fact.  What are we going to tell Nester’s parents?
Booth:  We tell them that their son was found dead.  We’re looking into it.  Sorry for your loss and we are.
Bones:  What?
Booth:  Sorry for their loss.  It’s sad.  Try to remember that.
Bones: Uh, I’m not a sociopath.
Booth:  You’re bad with people, okay.  No use being offended by the fact.

Booth calls Brennan Temperance and… congratulates her? I don’t know, but it’s shipworthy! :D
Booth:  We’re very sorry… for your loss.
(They all stand.  The Ambassador goes to leave. Bones picks up the picture of Nester off her desk.)
Bones:  Ambassador Olivos, you told me that all a mother wants is to know that she’s raised her child well.  That your biggest regret is that you will never know if Nester would have grown up to be a good man but he was a good man. (she hands the picture to her)  He died because he was trying to do the right thing.
(Booth walks over to Bones.)
Booth:  Very impressive Temperance. You got that one right.

Brennan gives Booth his own key card to the lab.
Booth:  Okay fine, new rules that counter is mine. That booth is yours everything else around here alright, mine, alright, mine…M-I-N-E, mine.
(Booth goes over and sits at the bar next to Hodgins who gets up and leaves to go sit in the booth.  Bones gets up and walks over to the bar sitting next to Booth.)
Bones:  I’ve been thinking about your whole something stinks aptitude.  I think you have a subconscious knack for reading body language…stress in the voice …other subtle but discernible indicators.  It’s not mysterious but it is impressive and in the future I will try to record it in an appropriate degree of objective worth.
Booth:  Thank you Temperance.  Appreciate that. So, uh, what part of this is mine did you not understand? What?  Do you want me to say it in Latin?
Bones: Abset invidia.
(Bones gets up and places an ID card for the lab for Booth on the table. She walks away and Booth picks it up to look at it.  It has his picture and information on it.)
Booth: (smiles) Nice.
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