Lie to me* “Teacher & Pupils” 2×15

Ep: Teacher & Pupils 2×15
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The Lightman Group’s financial troubles continue so Cal and Gillian agree to let Mrs. Moneybags aka Clara help them find financial backers. She points them in the direction of one firm in particular that she is a majority owner in making her part owner of The Lightman Group. (Cal and Gillian are super smart, right? I just don’t believe that they would accept money from an equity firm that they haven’t fully researched. The surprise that Clara is now part owner of The Lightman Group is insanely far-fetched, in my opinion.)

Cal also agrees to teach Clara to read faces and takes her with him on a case involving crooked cops who have shot one of their own. Cal is brought in to read the face of the shot cop who is completely paralyzed and can only move his eyes. Cal, being the genius that he is, determines that a group of cops have been taking money from a corrupt apartment owner who is getting money from the government for low-income tenants who don’t actually live in the building while collecting rent from regular renters.

Threatened by the knowledge that Cal is going to get to the truth, the cops involved arrest Emily for drug possession. A shot across Cal’s bow. They clearly do not know Cal! He continues his pursuit of the truth, ultimately bringing it all to light.

As for Clara, she’s looking forward to turning the Lightman Group into the cash cow it could be. And Gillian finds it very amusing to watch Cal fight against mixing business with pleasure. This is an invitation for Cal to get all up in Gillian’s personal space and for some serious eye flirting to take place. And then as Gillian leaves, he checks her out… Well, who wouldn’t? ;)

Shipworthy scenes:

Cal w/feet propped up on desk, Emily sitting opposite him.

(Gillian enters)
Gillian:  Hey, Emily.
Emily:  Hey.
Gillian:  Cal, we need to talk. Maybe alone.
Cal:  Uh-oh.
Emily:  I’ll just go get a snack while you two talk about Clara.
Cal:  Oh, good grief. Sit down. What about Clara?
Gillian:  Our accountant says we can’t make payroll next week.
Cal:  Terrific. Start the layoffs then.
Gillian:  This situation is serious, and keeping your daughter here as buffer is not gonna keep me from yelling until I get through to you!
Cal:  Alright, calm down. What about Clara, formerly Mrs. Bailout?
Gillian:  Ma-, maybe she’s more valuable than just a, a one day ride-along.
Cal:  Let me get this straight. You’re asking me to ask Clara for a loan.
Gillian:  She could know people, you know, people with money who could use our services.
Cal:  She’s our client, Gillian. I don’t ask clients for loans, and I don’t mix business with pleasure.
Emily:  (chuckling) Pleasure.
Cal:  Yeah.
(Clara enters)
Clara:  Hi. If you want to discuss some kind of business deal, I’m open to it.
Cal:  Well, that’s much appreciate, but, you know, your money’s no good here.
Emily:  This would probably be a bad time to ask for the 300 dollars I need for the dance?
Cal:  Since when does it cost 300 dollars to dance?
Emily:  I need a new dress, shoes…
Gillian:  Hair.
Clara:  Manicure.
Cal:  Well, I’m clearly outnumbered here. (gives money to Emily) Here you go, Em.
Emily:  Thank you.
Cal:  I want receipts. (Emily leaves)
Gillian:  I just keep coming to you with this problem, and you keep ignoring it.
Cal:  Well, find a loan then!
Clara:  I know some money men. I could help you with this.
(Officer enters) Officer:  Ready?
Cal:  Yes.
(Cal walks out with Clara on his heels)
Officer:  Whoa, whoa, you don’t think you’re coming along, do you?
Clara:  Absolutely.
Cal:  No, she’s my colleague. Wherever I go, she goes.
Officer:  Fine, but she’s signing a waiver.
Clara:  Okay.
Cal:  No, I tell you what, why don’t you go with Foster and sign the necessary papers? And while you’re at it, you can give her the names of those money men.
Clara:  Glad to help.
Gillian:  To the right.
Cal:  Let’s go before she comes back.

— —

Cal & Emily pre-dance scene

(Cal’s snapping pictures of Emily all dressed up)
Emily:  Now?
Cal:  Yeah, go on.
Emily:  Okay, okay. Ta-da!
Cal:  Awww. Look at you. You look beautiful, Em.
Emily:  (giggles) Thank you. I can’t believe you made me get dressed here.
Cal:  Well, you know, for 300 bucks, at least I should get a picture, right? (laughs) You know, there was a time when me and your mom couldn’t, couldn’t get you in to a dress.
Emily:  I used to eat nothing but yellow foods, too, but things change.
Cal:  Well, I wish they didn’t have to.
Emily:  So, what’s going on with you tonight?
Cal:  I’m working late. I’ve got a client.
Emily:  Oh, with Clara.
Cal:  What? No, it’s business.
Emily:  No, that’s, that’s a lie. I can see that thing your eyes are doing.
Cal:  What?
Emily:  They did it again.
Cal:  (scoffs) Do me a favor. You’d have better luck reading a Chinese phone book.
Emily:  (chuckles)
Cal:  Alright, here we go.
Emily:  Oh.
(Cal dances with Emily)
Cal:  Alright, now, you see this?
Emily:  Mm-hm.
Cal:  No less than 6 inches between you and Dick.
Emily:  Dad.
Cal:  What?
Emily:  Come on. It’s Richard and you know it.
Cal:  Oh, well in that case, 12 inches.
(Emily laughs as Cal twirls her, revealing Gillian and Clara watching)
Cal:  You got a coat?
Emily:  Uh, yeah, this is a coat.
Cal:  That’s not a coat.
Emily:  Yes. It’s a shrug.
Gillian:  You look great.
Clara:  I’ve spent a fortune and not looked half as good.
Emily:  Thank you. (kisses her dad goodbye) Have fun with your client.
Cal:  You have fun, too.
Cal:  The equity fund manager’s waiting in the boardroom.
Gillian:  Yeah, we should go. We’re gonna be late.
Clara:  Good luck. You can fill me in over dinner.
(Clara leaves)
Cal:  So to speak. Or not.
Gillian:  Focus.

In boardroom

Cal:  Right. John and George, right, they’re talking about their new secretary, and John says, “I took her out last night, and we went at it all night.” He says, “Yeah, I think she’s better than my wife.” So, next day, George comes in and he says, “I took her out last night. We went at it all night. I think you’re right. I think she is better than your wife.”
(Board members laugh cautiously)
Cal:  Right. Well, you’re the boss, you know, ‘cause everyone else, they waited just, you know, a millisecond before they laughed. You, you laughed, but in truth you found it offensive, right, being the family man that you are, right? You, you got turned on by it, and you, well, you’d heard it before, but you laughed anyway. Your laugh is fake, so.
Gillian:  That’s what we do, gentlemen. We read people. If you’re lying, cheating or deceiving, your face will let us know before anything you’re saying ever does.
Cal:  Right. Look forward to working with you.
(Gillian smiles brightly at them then scurries after Cal)

End scene:

(Clara hands a check to Cal)
Cal:  I said 45 grand, by the way.
Clara:  Consider it a discount for ditching me.
Cal:  Oh yeah?
(Gillian enters)
Gillian:  Hey. So, uh, Captain James will cut a deal, but the rest of them are looking at a life sentence.
Cal:  Well, if I was on James’s jury, I’d be inclined to give him a second chance, so. Here you go.
Gillian:  Hm! (smiles brightly at Cal) Would you like some more good news?
Cal:  Yeah.
Clara:  You got the loan?
Gillian:  Seven figures. It’ll keep us afloat for at least a year, long enough to get us back on our feet.
Clara:  Congratulations.
Cal:  Yeah, well done, Foster.
Gillian:  We should thank Clara for getting us in touch with the equity firm.
Clara:  Well, I’m just excited we’re gonna be working together.
Gillian:  Excuse me?
Cal:  Come again?
Clara:  Well, as the majority investor of that equity firm, I can’t wait to turn this place into the cash cow it should be. The sky’s the limit. I’ll leave you two to celebrate. I’ll call you tomorrow to talk over some details.
Cal:  Well, your place or mine?
Clara:  Well, your place is mine now.
(Cal informally shakes Clara’s hand)
Clara:  That’s the best you can do?
Cal:  So, you’ve been hanging around with me for, you know, a few days now. That makes you an expert, does it?
Clara:  I told you I’m a quick study. I believe in business and pleasure.
(Clara exits)
Gillian:  I’m proud of you.
Cal:  For what?
Gillian:  Admit it. You were holding out for more than just a handshake.
(Gillian & Cal walk toward each other)
Cal:  You’re enjoying this, aren’t ya?
Gillian:  Seven figures.
Cal:  You know, this is all your fault.
Gillian:  You’re welcome.
(Gillian leaves, while Cal, as usual, checks out the view) **We learned from Tim that when Cal checks Gillian out, it isn’t scripted. It’s all Tim!! And personally, I don’t blame him!**

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