Lie to me* “Headlock” 2×18

Ep: 2×18 Headlock
Reviewed by: csiAngel, useyourwords and 3rdrocker
Ship rating (Cal & Gillian): 5/10
Ship rating (#teamGGF): 10/10

Most of us ship Cal & Gillian but some of us (#teamGGF) really want Gillian to have some fun. With or without Cal. Obviously, we’d prefer it to be fun with Cal but while he’s out carousing, we’d like Gillian to have some fun of her own. Enter relationship with Dr. Burns.

While Cal is investigating the death of a friend of his – an underground fighter, Raul Campos, who it transpires was last seen alive with Cal – Gillian discovers that Burns may not be who he seems. After seeing how happy she is with him, you can see that the discovery hits her quite hard.

She does some investigating of her own, and later asks Ben for some advice, telling him it is for a “friend” – a “friend” she admits is in love with the man in question. (Personally, I found that moment to be a little forced/awkward. I know it was necessary to inform the viewer that Gillian is in love with Burns, but it seems out of character for her to say it like that to Ben.)

Meanwhile, with a little help from Torres, Cal does his best to avoid having the FBI agent in charge find out that he knew the murder victim and is, in fact, the person their eyewitness told them about. He endeavours to find out who the murderer is before he becomes a suspect. Cal also manages to keep an eye on Gillian throughout, and even though she asks him to stay out of it, we know full well that he’s going to jump right into it. This is Gillian: There’s no way he’d be able to stand back and watch her get hurt.

Gillian tries to do some more snooping at Burns’ house, but he catches her and tells her the truth about his identity and his job. He’s an undercover agent for the DEA. She asks if his relationship with her is all part of the plan and he assures her it wasn’t his intention to fall in love (But who could not fall in love with Gillian Foster??)  With the case solved and Cal’s best-FBI-friend out of his hair, there is the cutest scene with Cal, Gillian and Burns confirming all our suspicions that Cal is not happy about their relationship. And when it’s obvious that Burns is lying about his name, well we all know what’s coming in a few episodes time!

Shipworthy scenes:

Gillian in bed with Burns

Gillian:  You should just quit your job and let me take care of you.
Burns:  (chuckles)
Gillian:  (laughs)
Burns:  No, you wouldn’t respect me. Besides, what would your friends and family think?
Gillian:  Mm.
Burns:  Oh, you haven’t told anyone about us, have you?
(Gillian groans and pulls the sheets over her head)
Gillian:  No. (chuckles)
(They kiss. Gillian giggles)
Burns:  You coming?
Gillian:  Mm-hm.
(Burns exits to shower while Gillian stays in bed. Burns’ phone beeps)
Gillian:  Hey, babe, your phone.
(Gillian walks over to dresser to find his phone but discovers a disturbing text)
(Gillian glances over to Burns in the shower then back at his passport that shows the name Marco Gianelli)

— —

Gillian & Cal in hallway before meeting Bernard Dillon

Cal:  Bernard bloody Dillon. Well, I suppose he was always gonna crawl out from under his rock, right?
Gillian:  Assistant Special Agent in Charge Bernard Dillon.
Cal:  Oh. Oh. So he’s Reynolds’ new nanny then, is he?
Gillian:  And all things Lightman Group. In this country we say Ber-nard. You might wanna get that right.

— —

Burns shows up to cancel date

(Gillian on phone)
Man on phone:  Chesapeake Boat Charters?
(knock at door. Gillian turns to see Burns with wine and chocolates)
Burns:  Hey.
Gillian:  Hey! (hangs up phone)
Burns:  The receptionist stepped away. No one saw me come in, so your secret is safe.
(They kiss)
Gillian:  What’s the occasion?
Burns:  I have to cancel tonight. Um, some potential foster parents are coming to the youth center, and I have to interview them. I brought this to buy your forgiveness.
Gillian:  Oh.
Burns:  I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you. I promise.
(They kiss. Burns leaves.)

— —

Gillian sitting at her desk, looking concerned (the damn scene that they cut Cal telling Gillian she was beautiful…grrrrr!!!)

(Cal enters Gillian’s office without knocking)
Gillian:  Hi.
Cal:  (shrugs) Hi.
Gillian:  What’s wrong?
Cal:  Nothin’. I was just checking in, you know.
Gillian:  Why don’t you just come right out with it?
Cal:  I didn’t wanna…
Gillian:  Intrude?
Cal:  Yeah, that’s it, yeah. No.
Gillian:  Yeah, because that is not like you at all.
Cal:  Yes.
Gillian:  I’m seeing someone. There, you happy now?
(Cal looks taken back)
Gillian:  You’ve got my back, knowing my, my luck with men as you do? Is, is that what you wanted to check in about?
Cal:  No.
Gillian:  Oh.
Cal:  No. Well, mostly, yes.
Gillian:  Great.
Cal:  Alright.
Gillian:  Thank you. No, really, thank you. I mean that, but, but, but, but now can, can you try and, and do your best not to stick your nose in, into my business?
Cal:  Yeah, I can do that.
(Bernard Dillon enters)
Bernard:  Turns out our witness who saw the prime suspect has a history of drug abuse, putting his credibility in question. I need you to talk to him.
Cal:  I’ll be right there.
(Bernard exits)
Cal:  I need you to take this one.
Gillian:  Okay.
(During filming, this scene ended with Cal telling Gillian that she looked beautiful!! We really wish it had made the final cut!!!)

— —

Gillian with Ben in her office

Ben:  So, how did your girlfriend track this down?
Gillian:  Well, she called the charter company and, uh, oh, thank you.
Receptionist:  There you go.
Gillian:  And pretended to be her fiancé’s assistant.
Ben:  Huh. Well, if I had to put money on it, the guy charters a boat out of Baltimore for 5 hours, he’s probably a drug smuggler.
(Gillian looks disappointed)
Ben:  So how long has your girlfriend known her fiancé?
Gillian:  A few months.
Ben:  Well, she should be careful.
Gillian:  I don’t know what I’m gonna tell her. She’s in love with him.
Ben:  Alright, look, you know, if your girlfriend can get that passport and maybe his cell phone, we can look into it, you know.

— —

Gillian at Burns’ apartment, going through his things

Burns:  Well, you’re a sight for sore eyes.
Gillian:  I thought you were working late.
Burns:  Yeah, the foster parents canceled. What are you doing here?
Gillian:  Oh, I was just, um, I was looking for an earring that I lost.
Burns:  I thought maybe you were looking for this. (shows his passport) Wasn’t where I left it.
Gillian:  Who is Marco Gianelli?
Burns:  This passport is for work. That’s all I can say.
Gillian:  It’s for the youth center?
Burns:  Yes and no.
Gillian:  Just tell me the truth! (waits – no response – she sighs) I have to go.
Burns:  I work for the DEA. I’m an undercover agent. I’ve been at Covington for the last 6 months monitoring two gang bangers that we believe are part of a new drug cartel in Mexico.
Gillian:  Are you a real psychologist?
Burns:  Yes. Look, I’ve withheld information, but nothing that I’ve told you is false, except meeting with the foster parents.
Gillian:  Your real name, was is it?
Burns:  Dave Anderton.
Gillian:  I’m just thinking about you and I. Th-, this, you know, if this was part of your cover.
Burns:  No. Absolutely not, Gillian. The last thing that I expected on this job was to fall in love. And telling you everything is incredibly stupid and dangerous.
(Gillian cries)
Burns:  But I don’t wanna lose you.
Gillian:  (sighs) You haven’t.
(They kiss & embrace)

— —

End scene w/Cal, Gillian and Burns

Cal:  Hi, hi.
Gillian:  Hey! Uh, Cal, you remember Dave, don’t you?
Cal:  Yeah, uh, from juvie. Right? Uh, Burns. Dave Burns, yeah. Yeah? Yeah? Right. Did I get that right? Did I make a mistake ‘cause I, no, ‘cause I’m terrible with names.
Burns:  No, no, no, you got it right.
Cal:  Oh, good.
Burns:  How are you?
Cal:  Oh, I’m terrible with names. I’m, you know. (to Gillian) Um, did I say something there that surprised you, or is it, uh – No, no, I got it, right. No, ‘cause it’s been donkey’s years since she’s had a bit, you know, of anything special in her life, right. I mean, you know, not, not that there’s anything wrong with her ‘cause far from it. I mean, she’s just a little bit—
Gillian:  Awkward.
Cal:  Awkward is good. Uh, yeah. (puts his hand on Gillian’s shoulder)
Gillian:  (chuckles) Okay. So you’ve had your fun, Cal.
Cal:  Right. Just talk amongst yourself for a minute. Eh. (pulls Burns aside) Dave, do me a  favor, alright? She’s my best friend, alright? (looks back at Gillian) She’s my best friend, and is probably the only reason that this place hasn’t gone under, so do me a favor, you know, just handle with care. You know what I mean?
Gillian:  Don’t let him scare you off. (chuckles)
Cal:  I thought I told you to—
Gillian:  Talk amongst myself.
Cal:  Yeah.
Gillian:  Yeah. I got bored. (rolls her eyes)
Cal:  Really?
Gillian:  Mm.
Cal:  Hm.
(Cal and Burns look at each other)
Gillian:  Will you give us a second?
Burns:  Sure.
Cal:  He seems nice.
Gillian:  Mm-hm. Cal?
Cal:  What?
Gillian:  You okay?
Cal:  What, me? Yeah, (scoffs) I’m fantastic. How about you? You okay?
Gillian:  Illegal underground fights, Cal? You could’ve told me.
Cal:  You know, just because you share all your dirty little secrets, right, doesn’t mean I have to.
Gillian:  He’s a good man, Cal.
Cal:  Yup.
Gillian:  That’s all you need to know. That’s all I’m gonna share.
Cal:  Okay.
Gillian:  Okay?
Cal:  Yeah, no, I got it, no. No more questions, right?
(Gillian gives him the wink & click as she leaves. Cal smiles back)
Cal:  I’m good.
(He checks her out, looks disappointed, walks away)

— —

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