Eureka “Stoned” 4×07

Ep: 4×07 Stoned
Ship Rating: 10/10!!!

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When residents of Eureka start turning to concrete, Jack and Allison must find out why – with the case becoming even more personal when Zoe, visiting from college, is one of the people affected.

Other storylines in this episode include: Henry trying to plan a perfect first date for him and Grace; Zoe trying to decide if she should break off her relationship with Lucas as she has met someone else; the time travel group suspecting someone is about to discover that Charles Grant is in fact Trevor Grant; and there is a twist at the end that I did not see coming (won’t give it away – watch the ep to find out what it is).

Shipworthy Scenes 

Jack, Allison and Charles Grant

Before all this starts, Grant asks Allison out to dinner, but before she has answered, Jack interrupts them and tells Allison he needs her for police business – making Grant leave.  He asks her out to dinner himself: 

Allison: So what’s up Carter?
Jack: Well it’s really more of a longer conversation… Maybe you and I could grab a bite?
Allison: I just ate.
Jack: No, not — (both laugh) I just ate… No, later… Like, say, dinner?
Allison: Oh, erm, okay well, Kevin’s gonna be at Dre’s and I have the nanny tonight. Yeah sure, what time?
Jack: Say, eight?
Allison: Yeah, that sounds good… (looks to Jenna in her pushchair) Hey, Jenna, say goodbye to Carter.
(Both look at Jenna, smiling. Allison walks away)
Jack: Why’d it take me four years to do that? 

When the first discovery of a ‘concrete person’ is made by Jack and Zoe when he is supposed to be on his way to his dinner with Allison, it becomes clear that she didn’t realise they were going on a date.  They put aside the conversation to focus on work.

Allison: Well, I’ve never seen anything like this before… (takes in Jack’s suit) Or this… Got a date?
Jack: (laughs) Actually, yeah. Dinner.
Allison: (nods and then realises what he’s talking about) Oh… OH… Oh, oh. You meant a date?
Jack: (nodding and laughing) Yeah I did.
Allison:  I’m so sorry.  I just wasn’t expecting…
Jack: Really?
Allison: Carter…
Jack: Look we’ve gotta focus.  Shall we…
Allison: Yeah, you’re right…
(They get back to work) 

  Jack Carter

When they think they have figured out what is causing the ‘concrete people’,  and have come up with a solution, Jack takes a moment to talk to Allison:

Jack: When Grant asked you out, did you think that was a date date?
Allison: Well, yeah. Sure.
Jack: Why not me?
Allison: Really?
Jack shrugs and makes an affirmative sound.
Allison: Okay.  Erm, A – you’ve never asked me for a date; B – you kissed me and acted like it never happened – I mean, I know you had to come back to Tess but, seriously, it’s been over a month; and C —
Jack: Whoa.  You’ve been thinking about the kiss?
Allison: (smiling) It’s been over sixty years.  I don’t know. Who can remember?
Jack: (grinning) You’ve thought about it.
Allison: Carter, go set up the quarantine.
Jack: Yes, ma’am.  … You did… 

Allison Blake  Jack Carter

After the mystery is solved and everyone is saved:

Jack: You know, erm, Zoe said that what starts in the friend zone should just stay in the friend zone. Do you think that that’s right?
Allison: I, er, think that good friends are hard to find.
Jack: So you think the kiss was a mistake?
Allison: No (smiles).
Both laugh.)
Allison: I think that what we have – it’s really special, and if things didn’t work out between us, especially after everything that we’ve been through… I – What I’m trying to say is maybe… maybe it’s not worth the risk.
Jack: (disappointed) Okay…
He turns and begins to walk away, Allison looks disappointed as well)

Jack walks awayHe stops, a look of determination crosses his face and he  returns to her and KISSES HER!!!! And, well, that deserves a few caps :) )


Jack kisses Allison Jack and Allison kiss
Happy smiles after the kiss

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