Lie to me* “Tractor Man” 2×10

Ep: 2×10 Tractor Man
Reviewed by: useyourwords, 3rdrocker & csiAngel
Ship rating: 5/10 (just for the fact that Cal checks out Gillian)

A man in a tractor parks up outside the Treasury Department and apparently has a bomb in his trailer.

Being situated near to the Treasury building, The Lightman Group goes into lock down.  So, quite typically, they have a class full of children visiting who need to be kept entertained, away from the windows.  Cal puts Loker in charge of them.

Cal and Gillian work the case of the tractor man, with the help of Torres – who was not at the offices yet and can therefore be dispatched to his home.

They discover that the driver of the tractor has been sent by someone else who is threatening his family.  Cal deduces that there is not an actual bomb on the tractor, but the FBI are loathe to believe him.  So, to prove it, Cal – in typical reckless fashion – goes out to the tractor.  LUCKILY, he is right, and the trailer is merely filled with corn.

Meanwhile, Loker keeps the children calm by getting them to write a song about ‘White Lies’.  Gillian looks so adorable watching him singing it with them, and joining in with the chorus. And the class teacher certainly takes a liking to Loker! … And the song is so darn catchy!  Sing it with me: “Cos it’s a white lie…”

Shipworthy scenes:

No shippy dialogue, but of course the scene where the teacher is leading the kids into the other room with Cal following, checking out Gillian’s arse, twice.

Talking to Torres on the phone

Cal: Never heard of a husband keeping secrets from his wife.

Loker comforting the teacher in the break room

Teacher:  Knowing people lie all the time, it must make you pretty cynical.
Eli:  Sometimes, but you get to see the truth occasionally.
Teacher:  Truth is I’m really scared right now.
Eli:  I know. Me too. Well, a little bit.
Teacher:  I just…I want another chance, you know. I’d do things different. Is that a stupid thing to say?
Eli:  No, not at all.

End scene w/Loker & Teacher

(Teacher kisses Loker, to the amusement of Lightman & the class)

Cal:  Well, there’s a first time for everything.
(Gillian takes Loker’s arm as they walk down the hallway)

Cal:  You alright?
(Gillian laughs)

Eli:  Mm-hm.
Cal:  Um, anyone want a drink?
Eli:  Absolutely.
Gillian:  Oh, yes, please.


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