Lie to me* “Beat the Devil” 2×11

Ep: 2×11 Beat the Devil
Reviewed by: useyourwords, 3rdrocker & csiAngel
Ship rating: 5/10

The first episode of the second half of the season kicks us off with a near death experience for Cal.

He delivers a lecture about his science to his former teacher’s latest class.  One member of the class is particularly vocal, so Cal chooses him as a volunteer.  The demonstration does not go as expected and Martin seems to be able to fool Cal.  Cal interprets this to mean that Martin is a pyschopath.  Gillian doesn’t back him up, because she says she didn’t see it.  She does, however, help him with his investigation.  As several girls have disappeared recently, it seems Martin may be the culprit.

Cal’s former teacher, Helen, used to be involved with Cal when he was her student.  Cal detects that Helen is now involved with Martin.  While Cal is sticking up ‘wanted’ posters, Helen warns Gillian that Cal is not one for the long-haul and that Gillian will end up alone.  Gillian tries to deny that she and Cal are anything more than friends, but Helen doesn’t really permit her to – yeah, why let her lie??

When one of the girls Martin may have attacked positively identifies him, Helen is forced to face the fact that what Cal has been saying is true. They think Martin will come  after her, so give her protection.  However, Martin has another intended target, and is waiting for Cal when he returns to the office.

His MO is to repeatedly drown his victims and resuscitate them, stemming from when he watched his younger sister die when he was little.  Cal suffers this treatment, but is thankfully saved while Martin is making him dig his own grave.

At the end of the episode, Cal goes to Gillian’s office, visibly shaken up, but hiding it.  Gillian apologises for not backing him up from the beginning.  He laughs it off, and asks if she wants to get something to eat, but she turns him down.  It’s obvious that Helen’s earlier advice is on her mind.

He leaves and she watches him go.  So not the shippy scene that there should have been seeing as Cal nearly died again!

Interesting to note. Beat the Devil was production ep 2×21, which would’ve happened after Loker & Torres slept together and after Loker’s promotion in Darkness & Light . That would explain why he’s wearing a tie in this one! :)

Shipworthy scenes:

Gillian & Cal walking back into Lightman Group after lecture

Gillian:  Just say it.
Cal:  I haven’t got a clue what you’re on about.
Gillian:  Okay, fine, I’ll say it for you. You’re mad I didn’t back you up, but, Cal, I didn’t see what you saw. Beating you a couple of times doesn’t make him a psychopath.
Cal:  Once. He only beat me once. The second time I let him win ‘cause I wanted to see how much he got off on, uh, humiliating me. (off Gillian’s look) Alright, there’s a lot of people out there might enjoy doing that, but they all know me. He doesn’t. So, yeah, I’m gonna need his medical files, and any psychological profile that might exist.
Gillian:  You know that those are confidential.
Cal:  Yeah.
Gillian:  Yeah.
Cal:  No time for ethics on this one.
Gillian:  Cal, you’re crossing that line.
Cal:  Helen’s already crossed it. One should not shag one’s students, especially not the psychopathic ones, know what I mean?


Helen & Gillian on campus while Cal is posting warnings

Gillian:  The thing about Cal is he’s—
Helen:  Insufferable.
Gillian:  No. Well, yes. I mean, sometimes. God, has he always been like this?
Helen:  Yes. Only more so. A word? He is not someone for the long haul.
Gillian:  Oh, no-no-no, we’re not a—
Helen:  Just keep your distance or you could find yourself a very lonely woman.
(Gillian considers her words)


Cal & Gillian in car

Cal:  You saw her when I said he was guilty, right? She crumbled.
Gillian:  She was taken by surprise, Cal.
Cal:  Surprise my ass. She’s scared to death of him, and she knows he’s guilty, too.
Gillian:  Cal. Maybe you are seeing what you wanna see. (rolls her eyes)
Cal:  You buying his act, are ya?
Gillian:  I think you and Helen have a lot of unresolved issues. I think you two were a couple when you were her student, and I don’t think you like your replacement.
Cal:  You know, you’re starting to sound a lot like Helen. I mean that in the nicest possible way.
Gillian:  When I’m sure you’re right about Martin, I will back you 100 percent.
Cal:  Oh yeah. Here you are. Maybe this will help convince you. It was just laying about.
(Gillian gives him an incredulous look)


Gillian & Helen in lab while Cal questions Martin (Gillian shows disgust w/Helen)

Helen:  Did Cal coach the girl? Get her to name Martin? I know how manipulative he can be.
Gillian:  She was barely responsive.
Helen:  Well, you’ve seen her file. She spent half her life on anti-depressants.
(Gillian looks disgusted by her comments)


Loker & Torres in lab re-watching UFO footage

(Loker pours a glass of wine)
Ria:  In vino veritas?* (*Latin for “in wine there is the truth”)
Eli:  That’s the only truth I’m gonna get apparently. I just perpetrated a lie on an entire school.
Ria:  Well, I thought the F-88 was a good compromise. I mean, it could’ve been what he saw.
Eli:  Yeah. But it wasn’t.
Ria:  You saved a man’s career. That’s no small feat.
Eli:  What do you think that is?
(They stop and look at each other)
Ria:  I don’t think that’s a mystery anyone can solve.


Gillian sitting at her desk when Cal comes in

Cal:  Hey. So, uh, they dug up 4 bodies.
Gillian:  I didn’t see it, Cal. Uh, I mean, not at first anyway. I could’ve saved you some grief.
Cal:  That’s okay. I’ll take it out of your wages.
(Gillian smiles)
Cal:  Before, you thought I was obsessing on Helen, right? It’s not beyond the realm of possibility.
Gillian:  You loved her, didn’t you?
Cal:  We had our moments. I mean, it’s not like she’s Helen of Troy or anything, you know.
(Gillian smiles and looks away)
Cal:  Fancy a quick bite?
Gillian:  (begins to say something and stops) Um, thanks, I’ve got work, so.
Cal:  Okay. Another time then.
Gillian:  Yeah, another time. I’m glad you’re okay.
Cal:  ‘Night then.
Gillian:  ‘Night.
(Cal leaves, Gillian staring after him)

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