Lie to me* “The Whole Truth” 2×13

Ep: The Whole Truth 2×13
Reviewed by: useyourwords, 3rdrocker & csiAngel
Ship rating: 4/10

Zoe asks Cal to be a witness for her latest client, Clara – a woman accused of murdering her husband, who was thirty years her senior.  Cal agrees as he believes that Clara is innocent.

This isn’t a particularly shipful episode.  We’re treated to some of the usual stuff: Cal getting all up in Gillian’s personal space; Gillian warning him about his true reasons for working with Zoe; banter and a cute little wave.  It’s all covered in Shipworthy Scenes.

The episode serves to introduce Clara as a rich young woman with an interest in Cal – and whom Cal has an interest in.  She will appear again in a couple of future episodes.

So, that makes it obvious that she is acquitted. The truth about her husband’s death is revealed: Leo, his best friend, helped him kill himself as he was terminally ill.

Clara visits Cal’s office at the end of the episode, and observes (quite accurately – but, like, who would not notice!!) that Gillian is a beautiful woman.  Cal responds that she is his Leo. Aww: he knows he can always rely on her.  Only a matter of time before he admits he’s in love with her. Yep.

Shipworthy scenes:

Cal & Gillian in lab after Loker & Torres leave

Gillian:  You’re not just doing this to push Zoe’s buttons. There’s something else going on here.
Cal:  This is about justice, Foster.
Gillian:  There’s something else, Zoe related.
Cal:  Justice for a murder victim.
(Cal moves very close to her from behind. She turns to him.)

Gillian:  Yeah, by avoiding my question, you just answered it. I just hope for all our sakes you know what you’re doing.
Cal:  Join the club.


Loker, Torres & Cal in lab, talking about older men

Eli:  Maybe he wasn’t dying fast enough for her. I mean, the guy was 30 years older than she is.
Ria:  So?
Eli:  So, it can affect the power dynamic. Imbalance of power in a relationship can lead to victimization.
Cal:  Oh, that struck a nerve. That’s interesting.
Ria:  Studies show that the most successful marriages are the ones where the husbands are at least 5 years older than their wives.
Cal:  So, being with an older man is, it broadens your horizons, does it?
Ria:  I’m sure Clara learned a lot from Victor.
Eli:  Yeah, I’m sure she did, about denture cream.
Cal:  You see, you’re not listening again, Loker. What Torres is saying is that she needs to be stimulated and challenged by experience. So, who was this old fart then, eh?
Ria:  I was talking about Clara.
Cal:  Nah, you weren’t. No, you connected with a memory, which I proceeded to belittle. Sorry about that.
(Lightman leaves)
Eli:  Oh, you cannot sing the praises of older men and then not give up details.
Ria:  Watch me.


Cal on witness stand; Gillian enters – the cute wave

Cal:  Well, 9 out of 10 people claiming memory loss are lying.
Attorney:  Why would they do that?
Cal:  Well, it’s easier to say, “I can’t remember” than tell the truth. (Cal waves at Gillian)


Cal & Gillian outside the courtroom

Cal: What?
Gillian: I hope that was a part of a careful plan in there.
Cal: Careful’s for lawyers and accountants, right? I did get something interesting of her, though. When I called her a black widow, she got a little pout.
Gillian: Her feelings were hurt.
Cal: Really?
Gillian: Surprising.
Cal: Shocking, eh.
Gillian: I’m heading back to the office to prep more witnesses. You coming?
Cal: Nah, I gotta see a man about a dog. I’ll catch up with you.
Gillian: Okay, behave.


Loker & Torres at the courthouse

Eli:  So if Clara stole money from her husband, why did we switch sides? You think Lightman screwed up?
Ria:  Well, Foster always says the closer you are to someone emotionally, the harder it is to get a true read.
Eli:  Yeah, but Clara’s a stranger.
Ria:  Zoe isn’t. Anything she touches, Lightman’s gonna bring baggage to it.
Eli:  Hey, speaking of baggage, you want to unload some of your own, like that memory that Lightman saw?
Ria:  Loker.
Eli:  What? What kind of age difference are we talking about here? 10 years?
Ria:  We’re not discussing this.
Eli:  Did you violate state laws or something?
Ria:  No.
Eli:  Decency laws?
Ria:  It was a totally legal and healthy relationship.
Eli:  Oh that’s exciting. Come on. Give me something. What are you hiding? At least give me his name.
Ria:  Denise Watson.
(Eli almost chokes on his candy bar)


Loker & Torres in break room

Ria:  Just ask, Loker.
Eli:  So, you sleep with women, too?
Ria:  Wow. You just went to a whole new level of blunt.
Eli:  Well, I mean, it has serious ramifications. My competition may have just doubled.
Ria:  (chuckles) I was curious, okay? Denise was funny, and… and interesting, and I liked her smile.
Eli:  Mm-hm.
Ria:  I didn’t make a life choice.
Eli:  Right. So, just to confirm, not bisexual then.
Ria:  It was experimenting, Loker.
Eli:  Hey.
Ria:  And, you know, why can girls do it and guys can’t?
Eli:  Where’s the fantasy in that?
Ria:  Anyways, who really cares what people do in their bedrooms?
Eli:  Everyone. So, this experiment, what were your findings, you know, scientifically speaking?
(Ria puts a finger to his nose and walks out)


In Cal’s office, after Gillian leaves

Gillian:  I’ve got a, a meeting waiting, so. (she leaves)
Clara:  She’s, uh, a beautiful woman.
Cal:  She’s my Leo.

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