Lie to me* “Delinquent” 2×16

Ep: 2×16 Delinquent
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Ship rating 10/10

When Torres receives a frantic call from her younger half-sister, Ava, Cal and Gillian are drawn into the murder of her friend at the youth center where Ava is an inmate.

Torres does an excellent job of convincing the warden to let them see Ava – by pretending to cry and threatening to take her fake tears and story to the press.  Cal grins with pride.

(Gillian does an excellent job of shooting death rays at the warden when she remarks “You must be the psychologist”. And we all shoot death rays right along with her.)

They meet Dr Burns, a psychologist working at the youth center and he and Gillian share a couple of flirtatious smiles.

Cal breaks Ava out of the youth center while he investigates what happened to her friend, Marley.  He arranges (by announcing that it will be so) for her to stay with Gillian.

Ria, who is having a hard time dealing with her younger sister being around, turns up at Cal’s house, drunk and Emily summons Cal home with a “Help!” text message.  Cal sobers her up by shoving her in the shower (clothed, people! Cal/Ria (cringe!) fans don’t get too excited!!), though she does make a pass at him before the water has its desired effect.  Poor Cal, Torres women throwing themselves at him, when the only one he really wants is Gillian…

Anyway, Gillian is just gleefully telling Ava of the options for dessert when a group of masked people break-in to her kitchen and attack them.  Gillian uses ninja lettuce and a frying pan to fight back, but ultimately ends up tied up on the floor (and this is not the kind of being tied up that she’d enjoy!).  When Cal and Torres arrive, Ava has untied Gillian, but they are both visibly shaken.  Cal goes immediately to Gillian and comforts her, and she manages to remain strong while they have company.  As soon as Ava and Torres have left the room, Gillian breaks down and Cal holds her, whispering soft, soothing words.

She tells him that her attackers were all young people, and they establish that they must have been from the youth center.  Cal asks Gillian where the police are and it transpires that she hasn’t called them – they can handle this themselves, otherwise Cal would get into trouble for having taken Ava from the center.  There is some uber-cute dialogue which I will leave for the shipworthy scenes.

With their awesome investigative skills, they get to the bottom of the masked gang, and enroll Ava in a school for troubled youths, run by an old friend of Gillian’s.

Oh, and Emily – who at the start of the ep crashes Cal’s car into a fire hydrant because Cal shouts ‘puppy!’ – passes her driving test.  But Cal says she’s not allowed to drive because she crashed.

And, Burns turns up at Gillian’s office with some flowers (and #teamGGF goes wild!).

Shipworthy scenes

In lab when Cal hands over Little Torres to Gillian

Gillian:  You could be charged with aiding and abetting. Or kidnapping.
Cal:  Yeah, well, I’ve been charged with worse.
Ava:  Sorry. If I did get killed like Marley, your life will get easier.
Ria:  You’re embarrassing me in front of my bosses, okay?
Cal:  Yeah, I don’t think she cares.
Ava:  FYI, I’m not staying with you.
Ria:  Alright, tell me where you’re gonna stay then, some low life boyfriend’s?
Ava:  I’m staying with Cal.
Cal:  Now, don’t go thinking that this is a get out of jail free pass ‘cause it’s not. As soon as this is solved, you’re going straight back inside. In the meantime, you’re staying with Foster.
Ava:  What?
Cal:  You heard me. (to Gillian) I suggest you leave.
Gillian:  Okay. You must be hungry.
Cal:  Oh, and Foster, why don’t you get, uh, Dr. Burns on the phone and, and have him come in here. (raises eyebrows) I believe you have his number.

— —

Cal confronts Burns in his office

Burns:  Look, I don’t even have to be here.
Cal:  Why are you then?
Burns:  Dr. Foster said you wanted Maurice’s file.
Cal:  (smiles) You got the hots for Foster.
Burns:  I cared about Marley, and I wanted to help.
Cal:  Nah, tell the truth, Burnsy. I mean, assuming that you’re not the father, huh, I could put in a good word for you with Foster.
Burns:  (chuckles) You’re kind of a jerk.
Cal:  Yeah, I have been told that.

— —

Drunk Ria at Cal’s (for the Cal-Ria shippers. ::cringe!!!::)

Ria:  Ooh. Daddy’s home.
Cal:  Hi, Em. Good job. Go to your room. If you drove here, you’re fired.
Ria:  Hey. Oh, I took a taxi. I’m a responsible drunk.
Cal:  Yeah, clearly.
Ria:  Mm-hm.
(Cal takes Ria to shower)
Ria:  Don’t be mad at me. I need to tell you something.
Cal:  Not bloody likely.
Ria:  Let me go. Get off of me. Let me—
(Cal turns shower on, Ria cringes)
Cal:  What are you doing drunk off your face in my house with my daughter?
Ria:  I, I had nowhere else to go. You’re a good dad, you know.
Cal:  Yeah, that’s not the point.
Ria:  You’re a good man. You are. You try to hide it, but you are.
Cal:  Look, just tell me why you’re here, alright?
Ria:  You don’t have to be so mean to me, you know. I’m so cold. (smiles) You want to warm me up, Cal? (leans in for a kiss)
Cal:  Yeah, you can stop that right now. (puts her back under shower) Tell me why you’re here!
Ria:  Oh my God! I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Dr. Lightman. I’m sorry.
Cal:  (rolls eyes) The Torres twins. Throwing themselves at me from left and right. How’d I get so lucky.

— —

Post attack at Foster’s

Cal:  Foster? Foster!
Gillian:  Yeah! I’m in here.
Cal:  Geez. What the bloody hell happened here?
(Gillian looks at him sadly)

Cal:  Are you all right, love?
Gillian:  Yeah, I’m…
Cal:  Yeah?
Gillian:  I’m fine. I’m fine (they hug) I’m fine. Everything’s, everything’s, uh, is fine.

Ria:  You all right?
(Eva shrugs)
Gillian:  You should be proud. You know she, she got me out of my ropes. She untied me.
Ria:  Yeah. Good thing she was here.
Ava:  I had nothing to do with this!
Ria:  Oh no? ‘Cause I, I find it very strange that the one night you come and you stay with Foster, somebody decides to come and break into her house.
Gillian:  Ria!
Ria:  It was Tyrell, wasn’t it? You called him!
Ava:  I had nothing to do with this!
Ria:  Yeah, you called him! He was here!
Gillian:  Stop it!!
Ria:  Don’t defend her!
Cal:  Hey!! Knock it off.
(Ava storms out)
Gillian:  Ava was just as terrified as I was, and she had no idea this was gonna happen or who they were. She has no idea!
Ria:  I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean—
(Gillian picks up lettuce while crying)

Cal:  Alright, darling?
Gillian:  Mm.
Cal:  You alright, love? Come here, darling. It’s okay, darling. It’s okay.
(Cal holds Gillian while she cries)

Gillian:  Yeah.
Cal:  Okay? I had no idea you were such a cry baby.
(They both laugh. She playfully shoves him.)

Gillian:  Cal, they were just kids. They were kids. I could tell by their voices. There were, there were, there were three boys and a girl.
Cal:  From Covington, you think?
(Gillian nods)
Cal:  Where the bloody hell’s the cops then?
Gillian:  You know, they’re just gonna take Ava back to juvie, and then they’ll arrest you for, for taking her from there. We can take care of this on our own.
Cal:  Yeah. Well, you’re supposed to be the sensible one, you know.
Gillian:  Yeah, and you’re supposed to take unnecessary risks.
Cal:  Not when it comes to you.
(They look at each other & Cal nods. He puts a hand on her shoulder and she nods.)

And for #teamGGF:


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