Lie to me* “Bullet Bump” 2×17

Ep: Bullet Bump 2×17
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Ship rating: 7/10

A political aide is shot dead at a rally, and Clara brings in The Lightman Group to find out what happened.  As she is a friend of the Governor involved, she asks Cal to go easy on him.  She clearly does not know that Cal will do whatever he needs to to get to the truth.  Regardless.

So Cal and Gillian look into the Governor’s campaign and dig up some dirt on his relationship with the deceased aide.  While questioning him about the extent of that relationship, Cal admits that he thinks Gillian is beautiful (hey, who doesn’t?!) (and is rather dismissive of Clara’s beauty, really).

Clara turns up at Cal’s house to “talk about the case”.  She eats some spicy curry and has a beer and one thing leads to another etc etc.

The next day Cal and Gillian speak to the Governor’s wife and it becomes clear that she is lying, and that Clara is covering for her.  Gillian confronts Cal about his little fling with Clara – because she knows, of course she does.  They drift as far into each other’s personal space as they can get as they walk along the street talking, and exchange many flirtatious looks.

When the Governor’s campaign manager appears to have killed himself,  Cal confronts Clara about her lies.  She admits to what she knows, and what she covered up, but insists that she would know if the Governor’s wife had been involved in the murders.  Cal tells her that he wants his company back and holds out his hand for her to shake.  Clara tries to explain herself, but Gillian insists that she shake Cal’s hand and says she’ll be his witness.  Cal gives Clara a chance to prove that she’s better than being loyal to people who are using her.

With Clara’s help, they reveal the truth to the Governor about the murders of his aide and campaign manager, and Clara signs over her share of the company… And Cal and Gillian look ready to pounce on each other!


In other storylines, Loker has been IMing with Emily and is concerned that she’s going to a concert where people will be using drugs.  He tries to talk to her about it and she kisses him.  He has to tell Cal about it!!  Cal hits him.

Emily claims she did it on purpose to teach Loker a lesson about prying.  She invites Loker to the house so that Cal can apologise. And then Cal daydreams about Gillian while he eats pineapple ice cream. Oh, wait! That last part may have been in a fanfic.  But the rest of it happened.

Shipworthy scenes:

Cal and Gillian interview the Governor

Cal: Governor, look, man to man, right, and Foster ‘ere… Michelle was a beautiful woman. Now, I know what it’s like to work with beautiful women.
Gillian: He’s talking about your friend Clara Russo.
Cal: Yeah, and her. Yep.
(Gillian is surprised and flattered (and absolutely gorgeous!!) by that remark)

Loker & Emily in lab

Emily:  Hey, Eli, what’s up?
Eli:  Hey! I was just thinking about you.
Emily:  You were?
Eli:  Yeah, and music fest.
Emily:  Uh, yeah, I’m really excited for P-funk.
Eli:  Yeah, well, you’re, you’re an old soul. You’re a very funky old soul.
Emily:  (chuckles) Thanks.
Eli:  I’m also a P-funk fan.
Emily:  Really?
Eli:  Sure.
Emily:  Um, so you’re coming.
Eli:  Yes, if your dad lets me off work in time.
Emily:  Cool. Uh, you can meet my friends.
Eli:  Yeah, your friends.
Emily:  Sure, why not? Uh, hey, listen to this new band. Reminds me of P-funk.
(She puts her headphones on Eli)
Eli:  That’s great. Uh, look, Em, sometimes at these festivals there can be a diffusion of responsibility.
Emily:  You know, you must not be that big of a P-funk fan ‘cause you’d really wanna hear this.
Eli:  Well—
Emily:  Just—
(Emily tries to put headphones back on Eli, but he grabs her hands to stop her)
Eli:  I just mean that, you know, sometimes inhibitions can go down, and something that might not have normally happened could happen.
Emily:  Uh, you know, maybe, maybe it would.
(Eli brings up Emily’s page on BuddyBook)
Eli:  Alright, these guys, bad idea. Keep your distance.
Emily:  Eli, I barely know them.
Eli:  Good. Then your distance will be kept, because from what I’m reading, these guys are bringing an entire pharmacy to the concert. Ecstasy, Speed, Ruffies.
Emily:  You’re worried something might happen to me?
Eli:  Well, I care about you, Em.
Emily:  You’re sweet.
(Emily hugs him)
Eli:  Okay.
Emily:  And I care about you too, really.
Eli:  Good, so you’ll be careful.
Emily:  So careful. Just relax.
Eli:  Okay—
(Emily kisses him)
Eli:  Em! God, no!
Emily:  Uh, uh, wa—
Eli:  No.
Emily:  I’m, I’m sorry. I just, you kept IM-ing me and, just never mind.
Eli:  Well, I was IM-ing you back to be polite.
(Emily looks horrified & leaves)
Eli:  No, Em, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like – I’m so fired.

— —

The sidewalk scene

Cal:  Janet’s using Clara.
Gillian:  You’re incredible.
Cal:  Or the other way around, you know. Incredible how?
Gillian:  You know.
Cal:  Oh, Clara. It’s that obvious, is it?
Gillian:  Was it that good?
Cal:  Honestly?
Gillian:  No.
Cal:  Oh. ‘Cause that’s what they were doing when we showed up. They were getting their stories straight.
Gillian:  The Pinot Noir.
Cal:  Yeah, I mean, do they even make that in Argentina?
Gillian:  Alfredo Roca, 2007.
(Cal leans in to her)
Cal:  Ooh, you’re not just a pretty face, are you, darling?
Gillian:  Back to you and Clara.
Cal:  Really?
Gillian:  Well, she’s up to something, and I wanna make sure you’re not compromised.
Cal:  No-no-no, it’s just a bit of fun between us.
Gillian:  Well, it’s a little bit more than that.
Cal:  Were you there?
Gillian:  I’m talking about from her perspective.
(Cal leans in again)
Cal:  You know I can read faces, don’t you?
Gillian:  Did I say incredible? I meant impossible.
Cal:  Thank you very much.

— —

Cal & Gillian w/Clara signing the papers

Clara:  We could be a good team.
Cal:  I got all the team I need.
Gillian:  I know you respect the work we do here, Clara. Sign.
Clara:  It’s a pleasure doing business with you.
Cal:  Oh, that’s an assassin’s gaze if I ever I saw one.
Clara:  You said there was no such thing.
(She signs. Cal and Gillian glance at each other)

Random shipworthy pictures:


And for any of you crazies who may have shipped Cal & Clara:


When balloons attack:

This episode really had something for everyone.

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