Nathan Fillion

Name: Nathan Christopher Fillion

Date of Birth: March 27, 1971

Place of Birth: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Sign: Aries

Marital Status: Not Married

Children: None

Height: 6′ 1/2″

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Currently can be seen on: Castle (ABC)


Nathan grew up in Canada the son to retired english teachers.  After graduating from the University of Alberta, Nathan began his career on the soap opera “One Life to Live”.  In 2002 Fillion moved to primetime tv with the series “Firefly”.  After its cancellation the movie “Serenity” was adapted from the canceled series giving him the opportunity to reprise his role.  Nathan appeared in “Angel” he also added his voice to “King of the Hill” and to “Justice League Unlimited”.  Fillion continued to have a very successful career and in 2009 he was cast as Richard Castle on ABC’s new series “Castle”.

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