Lie to Me “Honey” 2×04

Ep: 2×04 Honey
Reviewed by: PuddingLoversAnon
Ship rating: 11/10!
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Much to the dismay of all us shippers out here this episode opens at a singles mixer. Cal is roaming the room flirting with a random dark-haired woman. However as he approaches a blond lady questioning her about fidelity we realise he is on a case.
This leads to a lovely little lover’s tiff between Gillian and Cal over finances and the Lightman Group’s standards on marital discrepancy cases.
Unfortunately they are interrupted by Torres with a gun held to her head by Eric Matheson, a man suspected of murdering his wife. He wants Cal to prove that he didn’t. So Cal convinces Matheson to let Torres go and take him instead.
Was I happy? No. I was not happy.
With a lot of tense moments, scared Gillian (Kelli Williams is an acting goddess) and Loker trying to get back on Cal’s good side they eventually get Matheson at gunpoint and catch the real murderer. Go Reynolds, go!
Shipworthy scenes.
Oh, where to begin. :)
When Matheson first arrives Cal immediately steps in front of Gillian. No real dialogue… But have a pretty picture of it.
Cal tells Matheson how he feels like he is contaminating Gillian’s pure soul.
(dialogue from the episode)
Cal: That’s your guilt isn’t it? For contaminating her. You didn’t wanna drag her into your world. You considered her a pure soul and you tried like hell to keep her that way. Now she’s dead.
Matheson: There’s no way you can tell all that just by looking at my face.
Cal: Just the guilt part.
Matheson: Where does the rest come from then?
Cal: That’s how I feel sometimes about a woman I know.
Gillian goes in to try and talk Matheson into letting Cal go. (Broke my heart into a thousand pieces.)
(dialogue from the episode)
Gillian: Eric, we did everything that you… you asked. Let him go.
Cal: Foster…
Gillian: Please.
Cal: Foster.
Cal turns up at Gillian’s house and asks to sleep in her spare bedroom. There is a hug and a kiss. *happy sigh*
(dialogue from the episode)
Cal: Hey.
Gillian: Hey.
Cal: Zancanelli confessed to Connie’s murder
Gillian: I heard…
Cal: I’m sorry I ran out like that.
Gillian: Everybody is dealing with it in their own way. I’m just… I’m just glad you’re alright. How’s your head?
Cal: Ah, oh. Fine. Listen I was thinking about that whole accounts, billing thing. We’d be working out of a shoebox if it wasn’t for you so… That’s all your and I respect it.
Gillian: No, no, no. No, you’re right, I mean cheating spouse cases? We’re better than that.
Cal: Well whatever you decide, alright?
Gillian: Alright.
Cal: Alright then… Listen I really just popped by to see how you were doing… You.. You?
Gillian: I’m okay.
Cal: Good.
Gillian: Where’s Emily?
Cal: She’s at her mum’s. I haven’t told them about all of this yet. (pause) Can I sleep in your spare bedroom tonight, if it’s not too much of a problem?
Gillian: Of course. Hey…
(They hug and kiss. The shippers die of delight.)
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