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A little bit about Team shipsRus and why we decided to bring you this site.


I’m 33 years of age, a business owner, and I live in a van down by the river. Not really. I live in Florida with my husband and our 5 cats (yes, 5!). We hope to one day have non-furry kids.

I must have an old soul, because most of what I ship is in the past! It all started as a kid with my all-time favorite show, “I Love Lucy” (Lucy & Ricky). Then “I Dream of Jeannie” (Tony & Jeannie). “Perry Mason” (Perry & Della). See? Old shows that were way before my time. There are a couple of recent ones on my list (if you consider the 80s recent). In my teens I got into “Hunter” (Hunter and McCall) and Remington Steele (Laura and Remington). In the 90s, it was “3rd Rock from the Sun” (Dick & Mary). Nowadays, I cannot get enough of “Lie to me*” and Cal & Gillian!! I hardcore ship those two and haven’t been this excited about a show in a very long time!

It takes a lot for me to really get invested in a show. In fact, LTM is the only scripted show I watch (all thanks to my hubby, who wanted to initially tune in to see what this Tim Roth show was all about. He regrets that now. LOL! Thank you, Rich!!) There are many reasons why Lie to me* rocks my world. It’s unique, fresh, intelligent, clever, sexy, witty, and brilliantly written and acted. The fact that the chemistry between Tim and Kelli is off the charts doesn’t hurt either! ;)

I’m unfortunately not a creative writer like the rest of the incredibly talented ShipsRUs girls, so I consider myself kind of a junior member. They’re truly the foundation of this site! Because I don’t watch much TV, my contributions to the site are small, but I’m so proud to be part of such a great group and am honored to be on board the “ship.” :) Thanks for sailing with us, all you hopeless romantics!

Contact me: 3rdrocker on twitter


Hi, I’m Cerulean.  My pen name is in honor of my first tv obsession, X-Files.  The first show that I watched every single episode and planned my evening plans around.  My husband and I actually said after watching the episode Pusher 3×17 that we were going to name a kid Cerulean.  Well after having 3 children, we never actually named one of them that so I decided to name myself Cerulean.  I am a mom (3 times over) and a wife of 15 years.  My family and I live on the Jersey shore in New Jersey, USA.

I am not your conventional ‘shipper’.   I don’t look at a television couple and see them romantically.  I do, however, see and appreciate a couple with fantastic chemistry.  You will see in my reviews that I don’t always focus on the popular ‘shipping couple’ I may decide that in that episode they really showed the connection with another couple.

My focus and current tv love is Fringe.  I am your writer for the Fringe episodes, I truly hope you are enjoying them.  I will be working on Haven and am really excited that the show was picked up for a second season

I am also your “Spot the Hotties” writer!   I scan the tv and grab who is looking good and do a biographical write up on them and include some great pictures.  If you have someone you’d love to see added to the list, send a request and I’ll get them on,  I’m sure others would enjoy them too.

I hope you are enjoying our website we are loving working on it!  We thank you all for your support.


I’m 28 years old and I live in England. I ship in everything I watch (pretty much!) and very often a ship is what will draw me into a new show. I remember shipping way back before I even knew the term! Some of my earliest pairings being Charlie & Caroline, in ‘The Upper Hand’; Dempsey and Makepeace (in the show of that name) and Picard/Crusher in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’. Since then my ships have included Mulder/Scully (‘The X Files’); Gil/Cath (‘CSI’); Sam/Jack (‘Stargate SG1’); John/Elizabeth (‘Stargate Atlantis’); Janeway/Chakotay (‘Star Trek: Voyager’) and that’s just to name a few!!

My favourite ship of all time (so far!) is Adama/Roslin, in ‘Battlestar Galactica’. Theirs is such a deep, true, mature relationship that develops so believably throughout the series, and is fantastically portrayed by Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell. I loved watching it first time round and I love it more with each rewatch.

My current favourite is Cal/Gillian in ‘Lie to me*’. Such chemistry between the characters; superb performances from Kelli Williams and Tim Roth.

I write/have written fanfiction for many of the couples I ship because, clearly, I am somewhat of a control freak :) I was delighted to be involved in the Ships R Us project as I have always wanted a site like this to exist. Somewhere to read about a ship if I’m new to it; or to look back on ships that have sailed. I hope you find it as useful and entertaining as we hope to make it.

Contact me: angelic_s on twitter


I’m 23 and I live in Australia. I tend to go through ‘phases’ with shows, where I’m completely obsessed for a year or more, then can’t stand the thought of watching it again. Throughout the years I’ve shipped Dr. Quinn/Sully (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman), Janeway/Chakotay (Star Trek: Voyager), Sara/Grissom and Catherine/Warrick (CSI), Calleigh/Eric (CSI: Miami), Kate/Gibbs, Kate/Tony and Gibbs/Jenny (NCIS), Elliot/Olivia (Law & Order: SVU), Bobby/Lindsay (The Practice) and, of course, Gill/Cal (Lie to Me*). My ships normally seem to start with me liking a strong female character and developing a desire to see her get a fairytale ending.

I’m the newest member of the ships R us team and am excited about contributing to a site I think shippers will really love. At the moment I have reviews published for NCIS and The Practice. In the future I hope to add reviews for CSI, and maybe one or two of my ‘old’ shows if I can get back into them! I’d be happy to fulfill requests to review specific episodes from fans of the shows listed above. You can contact or follow me: emd4v15 on Twitter.


I’m 17 years old and live in Ireland. It’s much too green! I like to eat everything and watch way too much TV. I’m one of those people who watches shows mainly for the ships. Even when I was a little kid I was shipping cartoon characters! The ships I had before I knew the term shipping would be Sara/Grissom (CSI), Leo/Piper and Phoebe/Cole (Charmed) and various characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (don’t judge me! Lol!)

Since then my ships have included Booth/Brennan (Bones), Peter/Olivia and Walter/Astrid (Fringe) Yes, I know she’s too young for him! I don’t care! Jane/Lisbon (The Mentalist), Castle/Beckett (Castle), too many Grey’s Anatomy ships to mention and various others! My current favourite ship is Cal/Gillian (Lie to Me) even though she is far too good for him! I love their dynamic and how they play off each other! It helps that they’re both gorgeous! :)

My newest TV obsession is The Good Wife. I ship pretty much every character with each other in that show! :’) I also recently watched all seasons of The X Files and Mulder/Scully are the most epic ship of all time. So much love for them!

My main shows reviews will be Bones and Grey’s Anatomy with the occasional Lie to Me or X Files review thrown in! I tend to lack motivation but I’m so glad to be a part of this site, it’s something I think the Internet has been lacking. Reviews are great but reviews
focused on the relationships in the show are even better!

You can contact or follow me: HBCandBonesFan on Twitter.


I’m too old to tell you how old I am. :) I live in Los Angeles and LOVE television! I am a hardcore shipper! My favorite ships are/have been: Cal & Gillian (Lie to Me*), Will & Alicia (The Good Wife), Erica & Father Jack (V) (yes, I realize I’m going to hell for shipping them!), Jane & Maura (Rizzoli & Isles), Meredith & Derek and Arizona & Callie (Grey’s Anatomy), Booth & Bones (Bones), Mulder & Scully (X Files), House & Cameron (House), Sam & Annie (Life on Mars), Gene & Alex (Ashes to Ashes), and Ross & Rachel (FRIENDS).

Having grown up in Los Angeles, I have been around the entertainment industry for much of my life. In my younger days, I worked on a few TV shows as a production assistant and then as a personal assistant to a few actors. I am not currently working in television but I haven’t officially ruled out going back.

I hope you enjoy our website and if you’d like to contact me, I’m @__victoria__.

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